Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cookie Cutter Brownies!

I was inspired by this blog post to make these (and this photo gave me the idea for turning the gingerbread people cutters upside down to make reindeer).

I used Betty Crocker's gluten free brownie mix for these, mostly because that was all I had on hand and I didn't really want to make brownies from scratch. Using the gluten free mix means I can bless a friend of mine at church with one, since she can't eat gluten any more.

I lined a Wilton 15.25 x 10.25 x .75 jelly roll pan with parchment paper. I placed the cookie cutters onto the parchment paper. Then I mixed up the brownie batter according to the directions on the box (using Earth Balance margarine in place of the butter, since Earth Balance is free of milk proteins), and filled each cookie cutter about half way with the batter. This particular batter is fairly thick, so I had to spend some time pushing it into the nooks and crannies of the cookie cutters.

I baked the brownies at 325° for 20 minutes. Do yourself a favor, if you don't have an oven thermometer, GET ONE! The temperature display on most ovens is inaccurate (ours is 25° cooler than the digital display reads). Having a thermometer inside your oven will increase the consistency in your baked goods.

I let the brownies cool, and then I mixed up Spectrum palm shortening with some powdered sugar. I didn't measure it, sorry!. I placed the icing into my piping bag using THIS method (which TOTALLY rocks, mess-free piping bags? YES, PLEASE! Take the 3 minutes to watch the video, it's completely worth every second), and went to town. I admit these would probably be cuter with bright colors, but I don't have any food coloring in the house and a trip to the store to purchase some was out of the question.

I'm going to package these up, cookie cutter and all, and label them with cute Christmas tags. I'll post a photo of the completed packaging once I've finished it!