Monday, June 11, 2012

Fishing Game!

I had to share this cute fishing game I made a couple of weeks ago using Boardwalk Blues by Mari Koegelenberg and Karen Lewis.
I grabbed Lori Whitlock's 5x7 shadow box from the Silhouette store. I only added a patterned paper from the kit to the frame of the box, and left the rest of the box frame white. I just opted to sponge the edges with blue ink and then stamp them with the wave stamp from The {Stamps} of Life. The outside of the box measures 6" x 8" (the opening is 5x7), so I created a canvas in Photoshop that was 6"x8" and then created the bottom of the fishing pond using a paper from the kit. I printed that out and cut it with my paper cutter. I had the Silhouette Cameo cut out the fish. I reversed the image on half of the fish (flip horizontally) and then glued them together. As I glued them together I added tiny metal washers to their bodies to make it possible for a magnet to pick them up.

I used long lollipop sticks for the poles and tied Caribbean twine by The Twinery around them. I attached magnets to the other end of the twine. I assembled the box (super-easy once you watch Lori's video on how to do it), and voila! We have a super-cute fishing game that my kids love playing with!